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Spending the night at MOERBEI

BnB De Moerbei is situated on Texel, in the village De Cocksdorp. The BnB offers three double rooms, amongst others one disabled-friendly room; practical if you would like to bring grandpa and grandma. Esther and Norbert passionately run BnB De Moerbei. Guests will never leave their BnB unsatisfied. The rooms are fresh, clean and neat. Their BnB is one of the best-rated accommodations in the Netherlands. Their son Lucas immediately stole my heart!


In the morning breakfast is served in your room or, if you are lucky and the sun shines, in their wonderful garden. While mom and dad enjoyed another cup of coffee the kids started playing and running around once they finished their breakfast. We enjoyed the home-made breakfast. Most of the fruit comes from their own garden. We had lovely yoghurts with muesli and fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with bacon, croissants, cheese, sausage and jam. We lacked nothing!

the surroundings

B&B De Moerbei is situated in De Cocksdorp, which is one of the most northern villages near the Wagejot and beach pavilion Kaap Noord (Volharding 4), one of our favourite beach pavilions thanks to their lovely sofas by the beach. While we enjoyed the sun and a croquette sandwich, Yuki could crawl about. The lighthouse is definitely worth a visit. It offers a great view of the island.

nice activities on TEXEL

Besides the lighthouse, the Wagejot, Kaap Noord and De Cocksdorp, Texel offers much more. We definitely recommend a weekend trip or a midweek. We only spent two days on Texel and, of course, visited Ecomare. Yuki loved it and so did we! The animals are fed twice a day, so make sure you’ll be there in time (click here for times) . You can observe all kinds of seals and porpoises. Are you looking for more excitement? Go skydiving! We did it on Ameland and it was reaaaaallly cool! Shopping? I loved Den Burg as it offers nice and practical shops and even a couple of trendy hotspots! My favourites: Peek streetfoodbar and Lokaal 16.

Geschreven door onze gast Rebecca

Geschreven door onze gast Rebecca

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