Texel – Central location – Bed & Breakfast De Moerbei – De Cocksdorp

Our B&B has three attractive rooms centrally located inthe north of Texel and offers space, beach, beautiful nature, but also coziness!

In the Cockdorp lies our beautiful authentic listed building with a beautiful, manicured garden. Weather permitting, you can enjoy our lovingly catered breakfast here.

BnB De Moerbei is a great base to explore Texel.



Double room with all amenities. Met uitzicht op de moerbeiboom in de achtertuin. You can use the garden. There are several seating areas in sun or shade.

  • air conditioning
  • box spring beds
  • a private bathroom and toilet
  • dining area
  • TV
  • refrigerator
  • making coffee and tea in the room

ROOM Rubra


Attractive double room with a beautiful view of Kikkert Street. The large, bright room is fully equipped:

  • air conditioning
  • delightful box-spring beds
  • a private bathroom with shower and toilet
  • dining area
  • coffee and tea brewing in the room
  • TV
  • refrigerator
  • Delicious breakfast is waiting for you

You can also use the garden.
There are several seating areas so you can enjoy the sun or shade throughout the day.



A spacious double room on the first floor, features a private entrance with parking in front.

The room is arranged so that it is also suitable for disabled people

  • spacious private (adapted) bathroom and toilet
  • quality box spring beds
  • dining table (elevated)
  • TV
  • coffee and tea brewing in the room
  • refrigerator
  • air conditioning
  • a delicious breakfast

You can use the garden. There are several seating areas so you can enjoy the can enjoy sunshine or shade all day.

Pet by arrangement.

BnB De Moerbei Texel over ons 2 » BnB De Moerbei Texel


We are Norbert, Esther and Lucas and we have been running our BnB De Moerbei in De Cocksdorp on Texel. In the beautiful monumental property with gorgeous garden, our dream has become a reality.

The BnB is centrally located in the village of De Cocksdorp and within walking distance of wadden sea and beach.

Norbert and Esther and Lucas Dekker-Steenvoorden


Enjoying breakfast outside? Where else but under the 100-year-old mulberry tree. The garden offers lovely spots of sun or shade throughout the day.

BnB De Moerbei Texel De Cocksdorp

Come relax on Texel

Our small-scale B&B is equipped with every comfort.

Among other things, we have a room on the first floor suitable for Disabled persons with parking in front of the door.

zoover award 2022 2 pdf » BnB De Moerbei Texel

Golden Zoover Award

For 2017, we received a Golden Zoover Award and In 2019 also an honorable mention at the Zoover Awards: in the top 10 of “The best small-scale B&Bs” in Netherlands and won a Platinum Zoover Award. .
Bed & Breakfast “The Mulberry” named best rated accommodation of the Wadden Islands in 2019 from the Zoover Awards.

And in 2023 : the Golden Zoover Award for 2022

Enjoy at BnB De Moerbei

The Mulberry has a total of three double rooms, one of which is specially equipped for disabled guests. Because we believe there is a shortage of this.
Even if you are disabled, you should be able to enjoy a wonderful weekend or a few days away on the fantastic island of Texel.

We often came to Texel, the peace and space is so nice here on the island and the nature is so indescribably beautiful. This has been one of the reasons we started a BnB here. Another reason is that Esther’s parents here own a bungalow park in de Cocksdorp that we also became co-owners of since January.

Texel TIPS

Shipwreck and Beachcomber Museum Flora

As you read in the blog “what winter is good for” we love beachcombing. In the Shipwreck and Beachcomber’s Museum Flora you will feast your eyes – because what a lot of special jettisoned items are here. You will also learn a lot about Texel tradition and hear many beautiful and special stories. Definitely worth it!
Shipwreck and Beachcomber Museum Flora
day on the island of Texel

The "Jan Plezier"

Of all the activities on Texel, going with a covered wagon pulled by two very strong Belgian draft horses is a very special one. From the bus stop in De Koog (Nikadel) drive to De Nederlanden, De Muy and, as the northernmost destination, the beach of the slufter. During the tour, you will clearly see how versatile nature is on Texel. It takes about two and a half to three hours and you will have coffee, tea and some goodies along the way. The coachmen will humorously tell you all kinds of things you will encounter along the way. Highly recommended! Jan Plezier Texel, covered wagon rides
day on the island of Texel

Day trip to Vlieland

From the beach at pole 33, the ferry “The Friendship” to Vlieland departs almost every day. This is a fun outing that is sure to last you a full day. The scenic cruise – during which you may encounter seals – arrives at the Vliehors (also called the Sahara of the North). There you will be picked up by the Vliehors Express and taken to the Posthuys. From there, you can explore the island by bike. At the end of the afternoon, you will take the same insanely beautiful route back home.

The Friendship also organizes evening seal tours. On the way back you will have – on board at sunset – a delicious meal of freshly cooked mussels.
Wadden ferry The Friendship

day on the island of Texel

Golf Course the Texelse

Within walking distance of our vacation rentals you will find the Texel Golf Course, one of the few dune courses in all of the Netherlands! Everyone can hit a ball here: advanced players on the 18-hole par 72 course and beginners on the driving range or the 9-hole par 3 course. The clubhouse offers beautiful views of the golf course while enjoying a nice snack or drink.


What winter isn't good for 😉

In the winter, Texel is quiet. Very quiet… Kikkert Street – busy and dotted with people in summer – is a deserted village in winter. Yet we are anything but sitting still! After all, there is plenty to do at our bungalow park. Fortunately, I have a background in construction and have two right hands (if I do say so myself) ...Read more
day on the island of Texel

Flexible booking

Uw vakantie beginnen en eindigen wanneer ú dat wilt!

We leven in een wereld waarin alles razendsnel aan ons voorbij gaat. Van de moderne mens wordt ook nog eens verwacht dat hij flexibel is. Niets is fijner (vinden wij) dan even tot rust komen op Texel. Helaas heeft niet iedereen de mogelijkheid om een hele week weg te blijven, of precies een midweek, of weekend. Aankomen en vertrekken wanneer u zelf wilt: dat is echte vakantievrijheid! Deze vrijheid is helaas niet altijd haalbaar bij het boeken van een vakantiewoning. En u wilt natuurlijk liever niet teveel betalen…

Daarom kunt u bij ons flexibel boeken. U bent alle dagen van de week welkom, daarvoor hoeft het heus geen maandag of vrijdag te zijn. Zolang u maar van u vakantie kunt genieten, dat vinden wij belangrijk. Zo heeft – vooral in het hoogseizoen – dat flexibel boeken ook nog eens zijn voordelen. U hoeft bijvoorbeeld minder lang op de veerboot te wachten in Den Helder. Op vrijdag kunnen naar namelijk nogal forse wachttijden ontstaan. En tsja, als u die vrijdag toch al vrij bent om naar Texel te reizen, waarom vertrekt u dan niet op donderdag(avond)? Dan heeft u gewoon een extra dag vakantie. En dat op het mooie Texel… 🙂Meer lezen…

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